Forklift rental all across Hungary

Forklift rental in Hungary

Forklift rental is a technically and economically flexible solution. Our rental fleet has a wide range of equipment available, which are in excellent condition and always freshly serviced. In addition to forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, handle pallet trucks, high-lift trucks, forklift adapters, fork extensions, rough terrain forklifts, personal lifts, forklift, industrial vehicles, electric vehicles and dumpers, as well as cleaning machines can also be rented.

Forklift rental for short term

Short-term rental constructions for a period of 1 day to 1 year throughout the country. More than 300 forklifts and a personal lift rental fleet are on hand to meet a wide variety of rental needs. Wide range of lifting machines from 1,000 kg to 16,000 kg with electric, gas and diesel engines.

The forklift, reach truck, 4X4 all-terrain telescopic forklift, or all warehouse-type reach trucks, fork lift trucks, pedestrian-controlled, standing platform trucks. In addition, we also perform the installation of additional adapters for our rental trucks based on individual demand.

Long-term forklift rental

If you purchase a 12-60 months package, our company offers an economical and time-saving solution: an affordable construction together with a full range of services. Within the rental period of the forklifts, you also have the option to change the type of forklift according to the changed needs.

Thanks to our long-term full-service rental service, you not only save money and time: all you have to do is use the forklifts, and we take care of everything else. Pay more attention to your own business and just rest when your machine park is being serviced!


Tailor-made service

Forklifts selected by experts. We can satisfy even the most special needs in the field of material handling. Adapting to individual tasks, you can also rent our rental trucks with a long fork, fork extension or other accessory.

Rapid administration

Quotation within 12 hours, delivery within 24 hours. Pagát is famous for its reliability and strict adherence to deadlines. You can reach your desired truck within 24 to 48 hours.

Professional service

We take care of the service and the parts also. If you are not sure which machine would be the most efficient for the task at hand, our expert colleagues will help you choose the most suitable forklift.

Cost-efficient solution

There are no unpleasant or unexpected service costs: fixed monthly fees. Planned costs are a cornerstone of any business. It remains financially flexible with rented forklifts, so it does not burden your budget with additional investments.


You no longer have to worry about outages caused by a forklift failure. In most cases, our long-term rental full service consists of new forklifts, the operating costs of which are borne by us.


You can change your old truck with a new one. Our rental fleet consists of individually designed machines, usually 1-5 years old, which are in perfect technical condition. All equipment is maintained after each lease so that their new tenant can continue to use them in perfect condition.

Everywhere in Hungary

Our mechanics work locally. We deliver the rental machines from Budapest to any point in Hungary. Our mechanics work nationwide every day, so maintenance and troubleshooting are also flexible and fast.

Happy partners

Our partners know that we do the best in every situation. Our partners are happy to choose us again and again. If you have any questions or requests, please let us know,: your satisfaction is the most important thing for us!

Wide range of trucks

pedestrian pallet trucks

Pedestrian pallet trucks and high lift trucks with a load capacity of 1-2 tons.

reach trucks

1-2 tons load capacity with a maximum lifting height of 12 m.

gas powered trucks

With a load capacity of 1.5-12 tones, optional with a long fork, fork extension or adapter.

Off road trucks

1.5 - 3.5 tones load capacity forklifts and telehandlers

Mobile forklift ramps

You can temporarily fix a truck dock with an easy installation option.

electric trucks

1-5.5 t with li-ion or lead acid battery, for outdoor and indoor use. White rubber and different cab options.

diesel powered trucks

With a load capacity of 1.5-12 tones, optional with a long fork, fork extension or adapter.

Cherry pickers

Electric, indoor personal lifts up to 5 m working height.